ICD developed its portal-based Ultra Short Bond Funds trading platform for clients with stable cash who want to go out a little further on the yield curve without requiring an RFP or custodial services.

Short Duration Bond Fund exposure can be populated into Transparency Plus 5.0® along with Money Market Funds, Direct Exposures, Separately Managed Accounts and more.

Federated – Government Ultrashort Duration Fund

Federated – Municipal Ultrashort Fund

Federated – Ultrashort Bond Fund

Fidelity – Conservative Income Bond Fund

Fidelity – Conservative Income Municipal Bond Fund

JPMorgan – Managed Income Fund

Northern Trust – Tax-Advantaged Ultra-Short Income Fund

Northern Trust – Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund

Oppenheimer – Short Duration Fund

Pimco – Short Asset Investment Fund

Sterling Capital – Ultra Short Bond Fund

Wells Fargo – Ultra Short-Term Income Fund

Wells Fargo – Ultra Short-Term Municipal I.F.

Amundi – Treso 3 MOIS – DP (C)

Amundi – Treso 6 MOIS – DP (C)

Amundi – Treso 12 MOIS – DP (C)

Amundi – Treso Corporate – DP (C/D)

Amundi – Treso EONIA ISR – DP (C)

BlackRock Institutional EUR Ultra Short Bond Fund

BNP Paribas – Parvest Bond Euro Short Term

Fidelity – EURO Short Term Bond Fund-A-Acc-EUR

JPMorgan Managed Reserves Fund

Aviva – Sterling Core Liquidity

Aviva – Sterling Strategic Liquidity

BlackRock Institutional Sterling Ultra Short Bond Fund

Federated – Sterling Cash Plus Fund

Insight – Liquidity Plus Fund

JPMorgan Managed Reserves Fund

BlackRock Institutional USD Ultra Short Bond Fund

JPMorgan Managed Reserves Fund