World Class Services for Corporate Treasury

Mission Statement

ICD is the world’s leading institutional trading and investment risk management company. Our mission is to deliver the best value in the industry by providing clients with superior products and exceptional service.


ICD Portal is the leading independent solution for trading, reporting and analytics of institutional money market funds and other short-term investments. ICD’s next-generation Software-as-a-Service portal, best practices methodologies and award-winning Transparency Plus® exposure analytics, support treasury professionals with end-to-end solutions.

Since its inception in 2003, ICD has made an uncompromising commitment to delivering superior products and extraordinary service to its clients. For example, during the financial crisis of 2008 MMF investors desperately needed visibility into their risk exposure, but money market fund (MMF) holding details were barely available. The team at ICD worked tirelessly to provide its clients with manual portfolio counterparty exposure reports equipping treasury teams with important information to make sound investment decisions at a volatile time. This manual reporting lead to the development of ICD’s Transparency Plus, winner of a Treasury Today Adam Smith Award for Best Practices and Innovation. Now in its seventh major release, Transparency Plus can generate real-time, on-demand reporting on counterparty and country  exposure, leading indicator metrics, direct exposure consolidation, liquidity planning and compliance.

Today, ICD continues to empower treasury departments to protect capital, maintain liquidity and achieve a competitive yield via an expansive selection of investment products, seamless integration, proprietary trading technology, comprehensive reporting, and unparalleled investment risk management at no cost. The ICD Global Trade Desk™ provides expert service out of San Francisco, London and Boston. Additionally, ICD develops its own proprietary technologies through Institutional Cash Distributors Technology LLC in Golden, Colorado. Institutional Cash Distributors LLC is a FINRA/SIPC member. Institutional Cash Distributors Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.


  • Operate with integrity and honesty in all that we do.
  • Provide extraordinary customer service at every level of engagement.
  • Maintain a work environment fueled by openness and respect.
  • Pursue big challenges and see them through.
  • Strive always for self-improvement and personal excellence.
  • Deliver accountability to our customers, members, business partners and ICD teammates resulting in commitments, results, and quality.