We are entering a new era of trading and investment risk management

Basel III regulations and SEC reforms are transforming the roles and rules of liquidity for banks. This is impacting the availability of numerous short-term products and the types of assets traditionally offered by banks and relied on by institutional investors. Now that the Fed has returned to short-term rates, the objectives and strategies of liquidity portfolio are making profound advancements. In fact, tightening SEC regulatory mandates are encouraging greater portfolio diversity. Treasury Departments are implementing advanced trading and risk management technologies for building and managing more sophisticated cash portfolios.

In response, ICD has entered into an agreement with Tradeweb to provide ICD Clients with an exceptionally deep selection of investment products, adding U.S. Commercial Paper, Treasuries, Agency Securities, Agency Discount Notes, Repurchase Agreements, Certificates of Deposit and European Time Deposits. Tradeweb is a leading global marketplace for electronic institutional fixed income and derivatives trading. Tradeweb provides access to the deepest pools of liquidity from 50+ leading market makers to the world’s top asset managers, central banks and other institutional investors.

Through a deep integration with Tradeweb, ICD Clients will be enabled to seamlessly see their positions in these new investment asset classes in the ICD Portal and consolidate them with their Money Market Funds, Short-Duration Bond Funds, Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA®), Federally Insured CDs and Separately Managed Accounts for analytics reporting and comprehensive investment risk management. This landmark partnership delivers an effective and all-encompassing solution for purchasing and managing multiple liquidity products.

Available Tradeweb products

A unique trading network and reliable source for real-time ADN pricing – both indicative and inventory. Access and trade Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHLB offerings now through their windows.
Commingled real-time pricing of offerings from all leading CP dealers on a single screen.
Coverage across multiple marketplaces for both new and maturing Deposits and Deposit CDs.
The first multi-dealer to customer online marketplace for tri-party repo, including automated trade execution, processing, and connectivity to major clearing banks. Presents real-time indicative dealer tri-party repo rates on a single screen for easy comparison and execution. Term-trading functionality is also available.
Tradeweb introduced the multi-dealer request-for-quote protocol for trading U.S. Treasuries in 1998. Since then Tradeweb has become the benchmark source for U.S. Treasury trading. Tradeweb supports all U.S. Treasury issues (on-the-run and off-the run) with average daily trading volumes exceeding $30 billion.
The unique combination of liquid agency benchmarks, agency inventories and callable agencies makes Tradeweb the leading source for Agency market liquidity.
Tradeweb Tearsheet