Financial professionals today face numerous challenges; constantly evolving Basel III rules on non-operating deposits, low interest rates, and permanent changes brought about by the SEC’s money market fund reforms that are compelling institutions to construct more sophisticated portfolios.

StoneCastle’s Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA®) product enables corporations to strengthen their portfolio’s capital preservation through overnight FDIC-insured deposits while offering a competitive yield compared to traditional cash vehicles. The integrated FICA® solution provides ICD clients the opportunity to efficiently trade in FICA® and include their positions in ICD Portal’s comprehensive analytics.

Why you should consider FICA®

FICA® meets the needs of institutional investors seeking a safe, liquid, cash alternative investment vehicle through high levels of FDIC insurance (up to $100MM total), next day liquidity, and a competitive yield. By providing access to more than 700 carefully screened banks, FICA® allocates large deposits across its broad network to ensure full FDIC insurance on all deposits, and helping to decrease overall portfolio risk while generating potentially higher returns. FICA® is ideal for fiduciaries that are required to invest solely in instruments guaranteed or insured by the U.S. government.


FICA Preview