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ICD 2017 Insight Webinar – EU Reform

ICD PORTAL: INSIGHT on Institutional Trading & Investment Risk Management Technology ICD’s latest Insight Webinar aired on July 26th as guests were guided through ICD Portal’s most powerful features, new enhancements and treasury tools to effectively analyze, trade and report on Prime MMFs. To begin, Karl Adams, Director of Business Development, ICD London, previewed the  ...

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ICD 2017 Roadshow SF

2017 ICD Roadshow Kicks Off in San FranciscoMMFs, Alternative Investments And Best Practices In The Post-Reform EraThursday April 27th was the launch of the 2017 ICD Roadshow.  The San Francisco event at the Fairmont Hotel featured a “hands-on” portal user forum, a treasury industry roundtable featuring treasury practitioners and fund managers, as well as an  ...

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ICD 2017 Roadshow – Save the Date!

The ICD Roadshow is making final preparations for this year’s global tour and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.  This year we have added an ICD Portal Forum – a focused, hands-on training session where you can learn more about ICD’s applications, tools and reform enhancements from our global trade desk  ...

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ICD Celebrates Treasury at EF and AFP!

ICD CELEBRATES TREASURY AT EUROFINANCE AND AFP! ICD and the EMEA treasury community tackled treasury issues including Brexit, low interest rate environment, regulatory developments and product strategies at the 2016 EuroFinance Conference. On Thursday evening Chaya Fuera – Vienna’s dreamscape digital nightclub – set the stage for more than 450 treasury guests creating extraordinary  ...

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Brexit Effect on Money Market Funds

BREXIT: CARRY ON BY KEEPING CALM THE BREXIT EFFECT ON GBP MONEY MARKET FUNDS We appreciate the market anxiety brought about by the surprising Brexit vote however, GBP Money Market Funds were largely unaffected. Yields barely moved, with the average of the top yielding GBP Prime MMFs staying within a band of 0.52% and 0.53%.  ...

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ICD Unveils MMF Reform Solutions

ICD UNVEILS MMF REFORM SOLUTIONS VIA SF ROADSHOW, INSIGHT WEBINAR AND INTELLIGENCER WHITEPAPER On April 14th ICD launched its MMF Reform Solutions campaign. The day’s events included a MMF Reform Solutions Webinar with more than 350 registered industry practitioners; the release of the new edition of ICD Intelligencer, a MMF Reform Solutions whitepaper; and  ...

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Time Deposits Debut on ICD Portal

ICD is finalizing the release of an important new product launch – International Time Deposits – through an integration with the Tradeweb platform with investment data integrated within ICD PORTAL’s user views. Beginning on Monday, February 1st, ICD clients investing in Time Deposits via Tradeweb can view these Time Deposits in ICD PORTAL and  ...

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ICD Soars to New Heights in Denver!

ICD showcased its product expansion at the AFP Conference. In addition to offering a wide selection of Money Market Funds and Short Duration Bond Funds, ICD has added Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA®), Federally Insured Certi cates of Deposits and Seperately Managed Accounts. On October 19, 2015 ICD an- nounced its strategic alliance with Tradeweb  ...

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As institutions navigate Basel III regulations, MMF regulations and the be- ginning of the end of near-zero USD interest rates, the supply and demand of traditional investments will be impacted, driving corporate and municipal treasury departments to create more sophisticated portfolios. In response, ICD is adding products to our line-up – the latest being Toyota  ...

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ICD Adding Several Treasury Investment Products for Clients to Devise Optimal Portfolios TREASURY INVESTING 3.0 Basel III and 2016 MMF reforms are causing institutional investors to look at products in addition to MMFs. Download Treasury Investing 3.0 for more details. Download Full Newsletter

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